Browsing The Internet As Far As Anonymously


International Team
1 May 2020

Being Anonymous on the Internet

At first, I would like to start the topic by saying that you will not be completely anonymous. If you only want to surf in the internet anonymously at first, there are certain browsers that I would recommend to you. The most known is Tor Browser. When you log in to the internet with this browser, it includes you in more than one TOR network. Owing to this, I don't think a normal website administrator would hear about you. Installing Tor Browser is as simple as installing Google Chrome. You can log in to Tor's own website and install inner peace.


Since our ready topic starts with the Tor browser, let's talk about DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo, a search engine like Google, does not keep any cookies about you when you search. Alongside, it also helps you access sites with .onion extensions that do not normally appear in search engines like Google.


Ok, now let's say you don't just want to use it in your browser, you want to use the Tor network directly on your computer. I would like to show you a tool. The name of this tool is Nipe, this tool connects you directly to the tor network.


Apart from these, I can recommend you an operating system. Tails operating system is a very secure Linux dispatch that uses the Debian infrastructure and protects internet anonymity. I recommend installing this operating system in a virtual machine.


There are many Linux distributions like this. Another example would be Whonix. Likewise, Whonix is a Linux dispatch that uses the infrastructure of the Debian distribution. I can say that it is quite popular in this industry. If you want to use either, I suggest you choose Whonix.

Source: İnternete Olabildiğince Anonim Olarak Dolaşma

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