Data Collection by Using Maltego


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13 Ocak 2018
What is Maltego

Maltego is an gathering information program. First of all you have to create a maltego account and open the program, then you should choose a browser for maltego to collect information. Google is suggested (btw its kinda slow). Maltego can collect information about an user, about a domain, or phone number, e-mail addresses, etc. .

What Data Does It Show? Does it Important?

The information it gives to us is usually simple information. You shouldn't expect to collect detailed information using only maltego anyway. When we collect information from the phone number, maltego doesn't give us the information of whose number it is. It may give nothing or only the service it is connected to. The information collected with Maltego, can easily collecting from the Google browser. We already have a lot of data on the internet today. It's a hard job that needs to work part by part. As information about Maltego mail, shows which mail service it uses and the organizations that that mail is connected to. It can't give information about regular users. But if u wonder about domain, maltego gives where the domain was taken from, like godady for example.

I will open Maltego from Kali Linux system. It is also compatible with other Linux systems and Windows. Before we start using Maltego, let's create a maltego account.

Click to me

If you click to the article that says "Click to me" you will go to the place that you can register for maltego. If you already have an account, you can close the website and move on to the next topic.

There is data within Maltego from which we may collect information for trial purposes. In other words, I will not give a domain to maltego and collect information. Domain tel no etc. created to try. We will collect information from them. Maltego contains many options and parameters. It's like powerpoint. When we make a slide on Powerpoint, we use enough for the slide. I will not tell all the details of maltegon in the subject. I'll tell you enough, you can review the rest.

Using Maltego Second Part

Let's open maltego from which system you will use. After opening, it will come to us;

There are some versions of maltego in this section. I don't know what the difference is between the versions, but the paid ones have some privileges for corporations, of course. We will choose Maltego CE (Free) from this section. Click Run.

There is a usage agreement. You have to scroll to the bottom to confirm you've read it. After accepting it will ask us to Login.

You can log in by entering the e-mail address and password you used while registering and entering the verification code given in the picture. When it comes to the web browser part, be careful! There shouldn't be a Default Browser, it's more recommended to choose chorme. If you choose the default browser, Firefox will choose Yandex.

Click on the maltego logo in the upper right, click on the New option from the options that will appear and it will give a new worksheet for us.

This section is the bar where we select the situations in which we will collect information. One of the parts that interests us. When you hold down an option and drag it to the white page, it will come in a round shape. I selected e-mail and dragged it.

This is how the test e-mail address came. Right click and a bar will open. The Change Type option opens a bar where we can change the type. At the moment, we can convert the e-mail address to a number via Change Type. Run Transform at the top opens a bar that will allow us to gather information. All Transform gives all the situations in which we can collect information. It would be better to do it one by one, but if you press All Transform directly, it will search for all of them.

Thx for reading =)


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