How can I install Wifislax Step By Step


Kıdemli Üye
8 Mar 2016


Hi, in this article I will tell you how to easily install the WIFISLAX operating system. You do not have to get fake information from various sources on the Internet. We install this lunix distribution on our device in a very simple way. All you have to do is sit back and follow the steps. You can ask questions about the parts you do not understand under the subject.



A flash memory with at least 8 GB of space
Approximately 2 GB internet package (* for downloads)


This place is very important. Do not download from anywhere other than the original ********

okey then lets go here

This is the only address where you can download the original WİFİSLAX. Downloading from elsewhere will put your operating system in serious danger and may be corrupt or incomplete.

·Here you see a lot of ISO files and download links. Don't get confused. Here I will show you the most stable and working operating system you need to download.

There are two options that we can download here.

First one is wifislax-4.12

And wifislax-4.11

If we come to the reason. These two versions are more stable and work better than other versions.


Let's download the ISO file and continue the process.

Now we need to print this file to our usb memory. We need an external program for this operation.

go here :

Let's download the latest version from here

Don't worry it's completely free


Using this, we will print the ISO file that we downloaded our usb stick. I would like to add a small point here. If you don't want to use Rufus, you can use this app instead.


Let's plug the USB memory into the computer

and open Rufus or what are u want program


Here we select the usb drive to overwrite


Here we rename


We start the process


After printing the usb memory, we BOOT it with our computer.

When we see this screen, what we need to do is select the first option and enter it.

This screen has appeared, again we choose the one at the beginning.

and happy ending :) your installation is complete. Thank you for reading



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