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Kıdemli Üye
29 Eki 2018

1- It is strictly forbidden to work on services contrary to the Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Türkiye.

2- Trading contrary to Laws and Regulations (especially trade involving activities such as +18, illegal, betting or rat selling-buyingetc.) is prohibited.

3- It is forbidden to send messages for the purpose of commenting on trading topics (good topic, etc.) and to send irrelevant messages.

4- Be sure to read the rules of the forum where you are going to open a sale or purchase topic.

5- Topics related to site or account hacking/closing are forbidden.

6- Be careful when trading and check other users profiles and past transactions (if any). In case of any fraud or termination of service after the trade has taken place, there is nothing the forum authorities can do except to deal with the complaint you will open, ask for a refund, and ban the person from the forum if they do not provide a refund. Türkhackteam, like other forums, does not guarantee your safety and security by preventing or resolving any problems that may occur after the trade between two users, please trade with this in mind.

7- Instead of talking to the person you are going to trade with on WhatsApp, Telegram, ICQ or Instagram, use the Conversations section of our forum. If you file an in-forum complaint or take legal action, your complaint will not work as it is simple to delete messages from both sides on the aforementioned platforms.

8- Sharing contact addresses is forbidden by forum rules. However, this rule does not apply to the Ticaret tab. The buyer should prefer THT
direct messages rather than DM or thread redirects to non-forum chat applications for safety reasons in rule 6.

9- If any fraudulent activity is detected in our forum, the user's personal data will be shared with the competent authorities within the scope of KVKK upon the request of the official authorities.

10- The new paid membership system is structured for trading. Click here to learn about the privileges and the new system.

In order to open a trading topic, you must be registered on our forum for a minimum of 3 months. If you do not meet this requirement and want to open a trading topic fastly, you must have any vip membe

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