What Is NFT ?


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8 May 2021
Hong Kong

We Can Think Of A Firewall That Secures Crypto Coins With Legal And Digital Regulations. Actually, if we think of Crypto coins as Tokens, NFT are Fixed Tokens. I can say that the Turkish meaning unchangeable tokens, which is called non-fungible token in English.


NFT Is Considered Like A Coin Many Questions Are Asked About This Issue On The Internet "How Many TL Is 1 NFT? In fact, NFT is currently being used by the known and first introduced Ethreiim, Other companies can develop their own NFT versions, get a patent according to Russian news sources. But NFT's First Founder "Vitalik Buterin" Refused This Subject The Reason "We Need Everyone To Develop It." Supported by words. NFT was First Published in Russia in 2013 by "Vitalik Buterin".



2013 Year of Last Month's Services Offered to the NFT There was only $ 1,000 Capital in 2020, but today in particular Passed 250 Million Dollars.

The Turkish People's
Meeting with NFT In fact, we can say that the Turkish businessman who bought the first Tiwiti in our country heard it thanks to "SİNAN ESTAVİ". The businessman bought the first twit by paying $ 2.500.000.

What Can I Buy With NFT?

With NFT, You Can Only Buy Artworks, Football Cards, Digital Files and Music Now.

NFT Technical Description

Unchangeable Token (NFT) is also known as digital art or digital collection. Unchangeable Tokens; a tweet, a painting, a picture, a memory, a gif, a football player card, etc. they can represent objects.

Unchangeable tokens are also known as CryptoKitties but this is a complete mess. CryptoKitties is an immutable token marketplace that allows you to digitally own a cat figure. Due to its popularity, it has been used to identify immutable tokens.



NFT NFT can be used to cause an artificial scarcity of digital creative work by making a single NFT that operates with a unique signature. NFTs of artworks are therefore similar to signed items. The unique identity and ownership of an NFT can be verified with the blockchain ledger.
NFTs have [email protected] processed through a cryptographic hash function, an algorithm that calculates a unique 40-digit sequence of letters and numbers. NFTs are also used to create the possibility of asset interoperability across multiple platforms.
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