What is Software? What Are The Types Of Software?


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15 Kas 2020
What is Software? What are the Software Types? In Which Areas Is The Software Used?

The software process is the compilation of commands given to electronic devices and making them into a whole.

If electronic devices are commanded with software, time is saved, as well as workload and communication facilities.

In general terms, the software is divided into 3 classes; Web Software, Mobile Software and Desktop Software.

As of the current period, desktop software has lagged behind web software and mobile software, the reason why web software and mobile software came to the fore is only because of the more useful and supply-demand relationship compared to desktop software.

What Are The Types Of Software?

The software is divided into 2 as System Software and Application Software in line with the needs.

Application Software

n this type of software, the goal is completely user-oriented, a type of software produced by considering user requests.

It must be used with different development tools, for example, an operating system is required for such software to work without problems.

Application software are categorized within itself. These are;

Commercial Softwares

These software, which are produced for use in the work sector, aimed to minimize the workload and error rate.

The most popular of these software are Accounting Software.

General Purpose Software

As time progresses, with the developing technology, there is an increase in computer features. The most important factor required for computers to keep up with the developing technology is software updates. With these updates, our computer runs faster.

Entertainment Software

Screen Papers, Games etc. contains programs created.

Presentation Software

All of the programs in which light, sound and images are collected in the work sector or in a demonstration for a community are included in the presentation software.

Software Types According to Usage Rights

Licensed Software: This type of software is the software that is sold with the prices determined by the distributors. Example: Office Programs, Windows Xp etc.

Demo Software: These are the software types whose most of the features are restricted for trial purposes only.

Shared Software: Programs that allow full access to the software for a certain period of time for promotional purposes and then charge a fee to continue using the full version. Various antivirus programs

Freeware Software: These are programs that are distributed without any charge from the users. Example: Msn, Winrar.

Beta Softwares: These are the programs created to see the software as a draft, the deficiencies are determined and then the program is developed by making updates.

General Software Types

Service-Based Software Types

This type of software are generally system support software.

Under hardware technologies or software technologies, such support software is sold to companies as a separate package.

Malware Types

It is the infected software that is integrated on mobile, computer or servers to leak personal information, to learn the ********s, and to be able to disclose or destroy files.

These malware can infect the system in various ways. It can be integrated from various sources such as USB, Internet media.

Types of Spyware

This type of software is in the same category with malicious software, the only difference is that this software type is aimed to be sold to other companies by collecting information on companies. Somehow the data obtained is sold through blackmail.

Free Software Varieties

They are the types of software that are distributed to users with open source code, all of which are made for users, and allowed to develop and distribute these software as they wish.

Firms are made in order to enable users to develop their software skills.

What Are Programming Languages?

With the development of software technology, programming languages ​​have started to develop parallel to it, and there are currently more than 200 programming languages ​​in the world, but there are at most 10 common languages.

Machine Language

Everything in the software world consists of 1 and 0.

All commands and data must be defined in milliseconds and converted to a binary number system.

All of these translations are done in Machine Language.

Assembly Language

Assembly language, which is almost one of the most difficult languages, is a language used to see commands and lines in a more meaningful way.

Programs written in this language run very quickly and also take up little storage space.

Although it has many advantages, it is very tedious and tiring to program with this language because it is a very difficult language.

High Level Languages

These languages ​​are the most widely used software languages ​​today, and Visual Basic, Java, Delphi, C ++ languages ​​can be given as examples of this programming. In order to learn this language, it is a system based on how users can express something in the shortest way, rather than describing how to do something. In order to learn a very high-level language fully, it is necessary to take up to 1 year of training.

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