Who are the internationally recognized female hackers?


Raven Adler


Raven is a highly renowned female hacker in the world of hackers. She graduated from high school at the age of 14 and obtained her university degree by the age of 18. Adler, who has participated as a speaker in various software events, also holds the distinction of being the first woman to speak at DefCon, the most prestigious event where hackers gather. She prefers to stay out of the spotlight, and she has specialized in end-to-end encryption of security data. Thanks to this expertise, she is preferred by both private and public organizations to protect company information. Currently serving as a specialist security consultant for several companies, Adler also teaches in her field and regularly publishes articles in relevant journals.


Adeanna Cooke


Cooke, who has garnered attention with her international modeling career and work with Playboy, is also a hacker and an amateur computer programmer. After receiving short-term training, she further developed her knowledge of computer fundamentals and entered this industry. Meanwhile, Adeanna, who continues her modeling career, has an interesting story. When her ex-boyfriend published her photos on the internet, she used her skills to remove her stolen photos from the internet to protect herself. After this incident, she began to be known as the 'Hacker Fairy.' Currently, she is actively fighting against online predators who exploit professional models and other women on the internet.


Xiao Tian


While other female hackers were making a name for themselves in the field, Xiao founded the famous hacker group China Girl Security Team. The group she established as a teenager quickly grew to a membership of 2,200. Comprising solely of women, the team aims to garner more acceptance within the industry. Additionally, the team is currently the largest China-based group in the sector.


Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya


Kristina is one of the most well-known names in her industry. She also studied at New York University and was one of the top-performing students in her class. Many people associate Kristina with information theft operations that resulted in losses reaching millions of dollars. Hacking into thousands of bank accounts in the United States, she created thousands of fake bank accounts under Bank of America and Wachovia. In addition to this, the hacker who forged passports for nine individuals was eventually apprehended for various crimes.


Ying Cracker


Chinese hacker Ying Cracker, who resides in Shanghai, teaches students the fundamentals and intricacies of hacking. What sets Ying apart from others is that she has not yet engaged in any illegal or unethical activities. Nevertheless, her actions are not considered entirely clean. Lately, she has developed special software that helps companies better protect their data.




The hacker, whose real name is Kim Vanvaeck, is a Belgian native. He is known as the mastermind behind high-level viruses such as Coconut-A, Sahay-A, and Sharp-A, which target sensitive information. These viruses, unlike others, do not steal private data but rather destroy it.

Recently, Vanvaeck was accused of stealing confidential information from major corporations and was sentenced to 3 years in prison along with a 100,000 Euro fine.


Joanna Rutkowska


Rutkowska, a perfect example that not all hackers engage in malicious activities, demonstrated security vulnerabilities in Windows Vista at the DefCon conference in 2006. The hacker, who coined the technique "Blue Pill," used this method to transfer the running operating system to a virtual reality machine. Currently, in addition to working with major security firms, she also conducts various seminars and teaches classes.


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